The President of the Transition


Colonel Assimi Goïta (born in 1983) is a Malian soldier and statesman. He has been President of the National Committee for the Salvation of the People since August 19, 2020 and Head of State of Mali from August 24 to September 25, 2020. He has been Vice-President of the Transition from September 25, 2020 to may 27, 2021. Since may 28, 2021 HE Colonel Assimi GOITA is the President of the Transition, Head of State of Mali.

Colonel GOÏTA was born in 1983. Son of an officer of the Malian Armed Forces, he was trained in the military academies of Mali and notably attends the military Prytanee of Kati and the Combined Military School of Koulikoro. He heads the Malian Special Forces in the center of the country with the rank of Colonel. He was thus confronted with the jihadist insurgency in Mali.

Colonel Assimi GOITA has chosen to serve in the Army, Armored Weapons and Cavalry Specialty. Upon leaving Officer School, Colonel GOITA was assigned to the 134th Reconnaissance Squadron in Gao in 2002.

From 2005 to 2008: Deputy Commander of the 123rd Reconnaissance Squadron in Kidal.

From 2008 to 2010: He commanded the N03 tactical subgroup as part of the fight against armed groups and drug traffickers at the Mali-Algeria border.

From 2011 to 2013: He commanded the 2nd Support Company then the 37th Transport Regiment.

After several assignments and operations in the far north of Mali (Gao, Kidal; Menaka, Tessalit, Timbuktu), he decided to volunteer to serve in the Special Forces in 2014. Then, he was certified in Higher Military Education N01 in 2014.

From 2014 to 2015: Colonel GOITA held several positions (Staff Officers at the Joint Operational Center of the General Staff of the Armed Forces; Head of the Operations Division of the Land Staff).

In November 2015, Colonel Assimi GOITA was seconded as Special Operations Coordinator of the Ministry of Defense to the Ministry of Security in 2015 following the terrorist attack on the Radisson Blu Hotel.

From 2016 to 2017: He commanded the Operational Unit of the Autonomous Special Forces Battalion deployed in Sofara.

Since July 2018: He has been in charge of the Autonomous Battalion of Special Forces and Warfare Centers. He has been engaged in several outings in operation in the north and in central Mali and in external operations in Darfur.

Colonel Assimi GOITA is the holder of the Cross of Military Valor Medal, Military Merit Medal, Campaign Commemorative Medal, French Defense Medal with Gold level, United Nations Medal in Darfur.

He also has to his credit, the application course in France at the Train School, the Captain's course in Germany in 2008 and the Staff School in Gabon in 2015, the special operations course of Combating Terrorism in Garmisch, Germany, the Special Operations Forces course in Tampa, Florida (USA).